Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This time of year

It seems that I find myself saying this a lot...this time of year.  I thought I'd share this with you.

This time of year the water doesn't come on as long or as often.  I'm not sure I'll ever be "caught up" on laundry until May/June when the rainy season is in full swing again.  When the water is one for only 12 hours at a time every other day, you can only get so much laundry done.  Especially when my little front loader takes two hours a load and most of the time that the water is on is in the middle of the night.      This time of year, i must remember doesn't last forever and there will come a day when i won't have to think about losing sleep for the sake of clean clothes.  

This time of year is when a "cold" bucket bath isn't really that cold and you actually look forward to it. Most of the time I heat water to take my bucket bath.  Hmmmm....wondering what a bucket bath is?  A bucket bath is, yep, you guessed it, filling a bucket to take a bath...I'm sitting here trying to think how many gallons is in our bucket.  3? 4?  This time of year...if i do want a warm (never hot, no, never hot) bucket bath i heat my trusty electric kettle that will hold 2 quarts of water to boiling. I dump that in a bucket and then fill the bucket to almost full, this time of year. :-)  Now if it is during the rainy season, i only fill the bucket half full as the water coming out of the pipe is much cooler than it this time of year.  

This time of year is when the kitchen is an easily 15-20 degrees warmer than the rest of the house.  You  know that feeling you get in the summer when you walk into a greenhouse...yeah, like that!  This is the time of year when you get sweat mustaches. Ever had one of those?  :-)  This is the time of year when I go change my clothes between making supper and eating supper because I simply cannot sit at the table  that way.  It would be akin, I imagine, to trying to sit down at the table immediately after working out or going for a simply want to take a shower and then enjoy your meal.  

This is the time of year when the heat literally zaps you of most of your energy stores...and you're left wondering am I really that tired? To get anything done, you really have to set your mind to do it otherwise, it isn't getting done.

This is the time of year when the coconuts will crack of their own accord because the weather is so dry. 

This is the time of year when after it rains (which it rarely does) that the termites come out (I'd say out of the woodwork, but it really is just out of the ground) and you know what that means?  Hundreds of tiny (for right now, the bigger ones will come as we get closer to the rainy season) termite wings all around our outside lights and sometimes our inside lights for the termites that have found their way into my house.  

This is the time of year when i can get the really nice roma-like tomatoes in the market and food prices will gradually increase until the new harvests of food come into the market another 5 months away.  

This is the time of year when walking anywhere will get you super dusty, orange feet.  I have my walking Birks and my school Birks.  When I needed to walk to school instead of ride my bike, i had my Birks that I walked to school in and then changed in to my school Birks upon arrival.  So they were kinda like my snow boots.  :-)  Except maybe I should call them dusty sandals. hahaha!

This is the time of year when power rationing begins.  It's the time of year when the lights go off right on the hour  you know that it's going to be off most of the day/night.  So far, for us here in Sunyani, that means that if the power goes off at 8am it will likely not come on again until 5pm.  Of course, that's not entirely consistent...but that is the general rule.  I prefer it that way.  Power off during the day on and on at night  at least this time of year.  

This time of year is tough on so many different levels...and not just limited to the ones I listed here.  But you know what?  My God knows this.  My God knows all about this time of year and I'm thankful.  I'm thankful that He cares and He knows.  I'm thankful that He has given me His Spirit to help me overwhelming conquer through this time of year.