Sunday, November 18, 2012

Always something....

That's the way it seems to be isn't it? Always something...I think that having lived in America for the past 6 years, I had gotten used to things happening the way that they should.  Here the better assumption is that there will always be something.  Let me explain a little.

One of the first things we did when we got to Sunyani was to get sim cards for our phones.  It turned out that Steve's phone didn't work and my sim card didn't work, and our internet modem needed some help.  Of course hindsight is always clearer, but it took us up until a week ago, to get that all smoothed out.  Soon after we got our internet to work (choruses of Hallelujah!)  the power cord to our computer burned up.  Working internet, no working computer.  I'm sure you're beginning to see where this is all going.  Always something isn't it?!

We have decided it takes a lot more prayer to live here because there is always something.  Right now our prayers are focused on having the man who has put his belongings in the house we have rented get them out.  Easy, right? Wrong...if we just threw his stuff out he could have us arrested for "missing" items, etc... Don't worry though, there are things we can do, it just takes time...

Back to that prayer aspect, prayer becomes more of a necessity for daily life.  Not just prayer for the big things in life, the difficulties, but prayer for the little things and seemingly insignificant.  In some bizarre way I am thankful for it.  Thankful that i must seek God's care and provision for the daily matters that most of us take little thought.  I am thankful for the opportunities for God to be a part of every part of my life.  Isn't that what He wants? To be integrated into every part of our lives? I think so.

So whether I come home to a turned off fridge with defrosted meat that all needs to get cooked up right now or the mason who is supposed to attach our gate to the wall consistently doesn't show up or the president is in town and has blocked the only route into town from where we live for the inauguration of a university, there's always something.  I choose to thank God anyway.