Monday, December 29, 2014

It's time

So, i was thinking that i should write another blogpost over the holiday weekend....but here it is Monday...and well...i almost made it. LOL!!

So much to catch up on, I'm not sure where to start.  I'll start with my job. Yep. I joined the ranks of those paying taxes from the labor of their hands.  (Which I do need to change my deductions for that because as it is setup now...i have NONE.  I have no desire to give uncle Sam anymore than i have to.)   I started working at Fedex a week and half before Thanksgiving....which also coincided with Fedex's busiest time of the year.  Sore....sore....SORE!!! I was so sore, i have been so sore that i seriously could hardly move! The guy who trained me told me that i was going to be sore for the first week or so....THAT was an understatement!  Let me tell you though...that i really enjoy my job.  i like that it starts way early and that I am done by the time my kids are up, eating breakfast, and starting school.  It means that I can listen to Indie read her Science and Social means that i can help Corban out with his English...Montana with her Math (yep! Math!!!!) and Jachin with his English and math flash cards.  Now, granted we are still in the process of working out a good routine...but I'm thankful, truly thankful that my job at Fedex still allows me that precious time with my kids.

About Stephen....i bet you are all wondering where that is at. I had sincerely hoped that he would be with us by this time.  He's not and won't be for a while longer....we have had to find housing first.  we have been homeless since we left, that does not mean that we haven't had a place to stay. Many loving friends and family in the church have taken us in at various times in the past 3 months for which we are truly grateful.  I'm especially thankful for the Parsleys in Connersville, the Harbours in Wauseon, the Nichols in Oklahoma City, and the Fergusons here in Williston, and for all those that I have missed.  Finding a place of our own is what has caused the delay and we hope to have that rectified within the next month or so.  Moving is just so hard...whether it be picking up and moving across town, the country, or the globe...and trying to manage an adoption in the mix of gets a little hairy. We need an address, and then we can begin all of the paperwork on this side of the ocean. I'm very thankful that he is with a good family in Ghana while he waits for us to get everything together.  Please pray for him and the family he's staying with...the Boatengs.  Stephen turns 13 on January 6!

Time is quickly slipping away again since we started school back up.  The days just seem to run together. I'm glad for it...glad as i hope that it will help the winter to pass all the quicker.  Time just seems to be such a precious commodity....I look at Montana and think i only have a few more years with her....then i look at Indie and am glad i have a bit more time with her yet. My boys talk about what they can do to make money....and i just wish we could slow down a bit.  the days slip easily enough away...and i grow more sensitive about making sure i make the most of my time.  I know i have room for improvement in this...i just pray, Lord, help me to count my days that I may build wisely.  May I be the kind of woman that is faithful with her time.