Sunday, April 21, 2013



ok, I have to confess that i had this idea pretty much since the last time i posted something, but thought to be fair I should wait a while before posting again.  Soooo, wait a while i have done, probably too much of a while.  :-)  So this post is going to be random things that i have wanted to share. There will be no rhyme or reason, just randomness.  :-)

The first thing is SHOES.  Hmmm, kinda a strange topic.  Since we have been in Ghana, we have had no vehicle of any sort.  Oh sure, we take taxis to town, but then walk all over town until we want to head home and then get another taxi to take us out our direction.  And, of course, any time we have travelled to Kumasi we have taken a bus.  Needless to say we have done a LOT of walking.  We walk half a mile to school and a half a mile back. It only take about 10-12 minutes, 15 if we're feeling a bit slow.  If we want to take a taxi to town, we have to walk out to the main road, again, a half a mile, to catch a taxi.  We then pay a little more than 25cents for taxi fare for each person.  Not bad, really.  Walk all around town to do our business or shopping and then pay a little more than $2.50 for a taxi to take us directly back to our house, or just pay the 25 cents and walk that half a mile home.  So, in case you're wondering what this all has to do with shoes....our shoes are wearing out much faster than I am used to with all the walking we are doing. Corban has gone through three pairs of flip flops and a pair of sandals alone.  Granted he is probably the roughest on the shoes, but like...WOW!  Just within the last few weeks we bought bicycles for the kids and me. I am hoping that saves on the shoes a bit.  :-)

The next thing is WATER.  Our water is city water, and at best it is on sporadically.  We get all excited when it comes on because we actually get to take showers instead of bucket baths.  We get to do laundry!  We get to wash our hands with running water all by ourselves and not have to ask for someone to pour water for you to wash them!  We get to fill the water filter directly from the tap and not have to buy water to filter! I mean, c'mon isn't this what you all get excited about?!! ;-) Thankfully we do have well from which to get water when we need it, and often we do.  It is entirely human powered.  We have no pump for it, no nice little pully thing to make the puling up of a five gallon bucket any easier, just sheer brute strength, usually supplied by my amazing husband, Steve.  You realize it's the simple things in life that you enjoy when you think the electricity is on, the water is on, the clothes are clean, and the dishes are washed.  Life is good!

The next thing is BATS.  We live about a mile away as the crow flies(or rather in this case as the bat flies) from a HUGE bat cave, but it's not a cave, it's just trees.  During the day, from my front porch you can see where all these bats hang out. LOL!  That was punny!  :-D the tress look black and they are..from the bats.  They are ruining the trees on which they hang and i wonder what will happen as they continue to multiply.  Around dusk every evening the make their nightly pilgrimage to where I do not know.  But they fly, and it is literally in the thousands, right over our house. Last Friday night, before the water came on and while the electricity was off, Steve and the boys were getting water from the well.  A little bat made it"s way into our house unbeknownst to us until we were sitting around watching a movie in the dark.  Jachin saw it first.  Steve knocked at least unconscious if not dead and took it outside.  It was quite the bit of excitement, and just added so nicely to this section that i had already planned on writing more than a month ago.

The next thing is SHAKLEE.  I am so very thankful for the Shaklee supplements we have had during our time here.  We haven't had all that I would have liked, but we have had the most important one and that is Nutriferon.  This is the supplement that I stocked up heavily on because it was to be our malaria prophylaxis.  It has been working!  Not one of us has had malaria yet, and it is beginning to get the attention of those we work with here in Sunyani.  Mr. Anthony wants to know more.  :-)  Nutriferon is one of those amazing supplements that actually works to build and keep your own immune system strong.  You can google to find out more, but let me tell you, if you are interested in getting some let me know.  All of Shaklee's product are guaranteed to work 100% or your money back.  I would really like to be able to make a little money again with Shaklee so that we can afford the supplements that keep us healthy and able to do the work here.  I would love to introduce to you Shaklee and get you headed on a pathway of health.  :-)

The last thing is MY BLOG.  I am a bit blog illiterate.  Would somebody be willing to tell me how to post pictures on this thing, or how to get a link to Shaklee website on here?  I suppose if I took the next three to six hours I could figure it out myself, but...alas, i have neither the time or the patience.  I need help.  Thanks a head of time!

I pray that this finds you all seeking first God's kingdom and His righteousness.  Please continue to pray as we try and figure out what kind of work God would have Steve do to provide for us here.  We love you all, and miss you too!  But even better than that, God loves you even more!