Sunday, March 30, 2014

An attempt at pictures

Jachin and Corban next to a fishing boat. Corban is holding a coconut.
Jachin, Indie, Steve, and Corban on the boat
So....I have been wanting to do a blog post with pictures for a while, but i'll be honest, i haven't been brave and pictures on or from the computer have not been friends for about 2.5 that 's a long story, but it left me an emotional wreck and i haven't yet quite gotten over it...if only i could figure out how to combine pictures from my camera, and on my tablet...and have it all work there...but for some reason it isn't happening....which then forces me to use the computer...ugh...if only i could get the picture to do little thumbnails so that i could see the pictures before choosing them...and if i didn't have to download all the pictures on my sd card every if someone out there could lend me a helping hand i would greatly appreciate it!  So, i am hoping with this post i'll be on the road to recovery and bring some life to my blogposts with some more pictures...
 Steve and the kids building a sand castle at Axim beach

These pictures are from a year ago....they're the only ones i have the computer right now...when i figure out how to get the ones off the tablet i can do more...or i will just take more pictures with my camera...but maybe i won't until it can get really should be easier...shouldn't it?!  So, please enjoy the pics i've chosen. :-)
Corban, Nancy, Montana on the boat headed out to the lighthouse island last year on Montana's birthday.

All the kids on some really cool rocks 

We were able to spend about 5 days at the beach last year. it was so relaxing and lovely.  Really hoping to be able to take my mom to the beach when she comes at the end of May.  And hoping that i get this picture thing figured out...i need help....anyone?