Thursday, October 15, 2015

A little help from my friends

I am not sure why a night of of insomnia inspires me to write but it does....If I could make a guess, I would say that AT LEAST half of my blog posts were/are written between the hours of 3am and 5am.    It's not like my mind is racing...actually it usually is because of a migraine....Hmmm....I've digressed. LOL!

So let me tell you about my last two weeks....Almost two weeks ago, i woke up with SEVERE tendinitis in my right shoulder. I did not know that at the time.  I mean I seriously thought my shoulder was broke AND dislocated. I've had both happen in that shoulder, so trust me, I KNOW what that feels like!! I didn't go to sleep like that and had NO IDEA what I did to make it feel that way.  I got through the morning assembly with the church on 6 Advil.  The evening assembly i took 3 Aleve and brought a heating pad with me. ( i know, i know....should've gone for ice....but i couldn't stand the thought of shivering and heat sounded SO much nicer, more comfortable....and it was) I took a prescribed narcotic (did you hear that??? did you get that??? a PRESCRIBED NARCOTIC!!!! that's just crazy stuff right there!)  to just get to sleep for three nights in a row!!! The point here is that I was in so much pain i could think of nothing else.  All I wanted was to make it go away.  Have you been like that?  It's awful!! Truly!!   (Amy, if you every wonder if you have had an influence on me...just take note of ALL the capitalized words! ;-) Love ya!)

Now, anyone who knows me pretty well, will know that I way prefer to treat myself and my family with alternative and holistic ways.  So, taking that much medication....even breaking to the point of taking a narcotic was HUGE!!!!!!  The Dr put me on a strong anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxant.   I was such in a fog for three days, all I did was camp out on the couch and be a grouch (also thanks to the meds... and well, likely the pain too).  Did anyone notice that i went to the Dr??

Then on Tuesday, a friend asked me if i had been to the chiropractor.  She said she did something to her shoulder and had gone to a chiropractor and got instant relief.  OH YEAH!!! I love chirorpractors!!  Unfortunately, she was unable to do anything for me.  Wouldn't even touch it due to the extreme restricted mobility of my arm, but was still able to adjust the rest of me, Whew! Then Steve and I got to talking and he started asking what Shaklee supplements i could take, and what oils could i use???  OH YEAH!!! I love Shaklee!!!  And I'm really beginning to like DoTerra essential oils!!

I was in SO MUCH PAIN that i could not think about what i could do or what I should do to help myself.  Again, all i wanted was the pain gone!!  I didn't care how.  And here, this is the impetus of this blog post....I couldn't think for myself what i would like to do or how i would like things dealt with.  I needed outside input from my friends! And in case you didn't put it together, Steve is my best friend :-)  I needed someone, or a couple someones in my case, to remind me what I wanted.

And then i got to thinking...there is a spiritual lesson here...Sometimes we can get ourselves into painful situations, or maybe those painful situations come to us....whatever the case, maybe we need someone from outside to remind us of who we are, or how we want to deal with things.  Or maybe...this is a greater possibility...we need to be that friend.  That friend to remind someone of who they are when everything is crashing down.  That friend who reminds them that they are loved by us and loved even more by the Creator and Savior of the Universe. Or rather, maybe we need to be the one who enters into someones life when they are in pain from the sin in their life and give them hope and way out.

I needed to hear about that chiropractor. I needed to think about what Shaklee and oils could do for me. I needed the options that i wanted anyway, but couldn't think of them for myself. Let's do that. Let's do that for others.  Let's give the options to help others out of their sin, out of their pain.  Let's be true friends.  Let's pray that the response is much like mine.... OH YEAH!!!

*And my story ends well, too...Tuesday night i started taking my Shaklee stuff again (i had just forgotten in my pain) and Wednesday things started getting better. I made special orders for more things to take... both oils and supplements.. and they are working! My mobility is increasing every day, and the pain is gone. ...and I'm really hoping by Monday(two weeks after it all first started) to be back at work!

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